December 2017 Yard of the Month

By . December 1, 2017Yard of the Month

December’s Bryan Place Neighborhood Association yard of the month is at 3204 Basil Court.

Gloria and Richard Whitehead’s home is on the corner of Basil Court and Marseille Place, so their yard adds elegance and charm to both streets. Their use of Asian Jasmin paired with a low red brick wall that wraps around from
the front of the house to the sunroom on the Marseille side makes the corner lush.

And in the summer you can see Richard doing a lot of hand watering. Right now the corner is accented with a pot of bright green potato plants.

Come by at night to see how beautifully lighted the trees are in the front yard.  You might even see Gloria and Richard sitting on the front porch.

But what makes the Whitehead’s yard really special is that they have a mysterious and mischievous pixie that adds a variety of seasonal accessories to their yard. It is fun to see what’s next!