Speed Study Update

At the General Meeting concern was expressed about speeding on Skiles and Pavilion Street. We forwarded a request to the Department of Street Services to have a mobile speed monitoring sign installed. Before installing a mobile speed monitoring sign, a traffic study is conducted to determine if vehicle speeds warrant the installation.

We received the results of this traffic study from the Assistant Director and City Traffic Engineer for the City of Dallas, which are as follows:

On Pavilion Street, staff measured the speed of 751 vehicles over a 24‐hour period and the results of the study showed only 28 vehicles were traveling above the speed limit. At the same time, the speed of 1061 vehicles was measured on Skiles Street and the results showed there were no vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

Based on these results, the installion of a mobile speed monitoring sign was not approved. While it is somewhat comforting to know that vast majority of drivers are maintaining the speed limit, we encourage residents to keep us informed of further traffic safety concerns.


Published on September 1, 2015

Traffic Signs, Crosswalks, and Traffic Study Update

In coordination and through the assistance of Councilman Kingston’s office, I have inquired with the city of Dallas regarding several items presented by members of BPNA.

1) Traffic speeding on Skiles and Pavillion.

We entered a request with the City to measure the speed of cars on Skiles and Pavillion. The Dallas Police Department deployed Sr. Cpl. Paul Michel to observe vehicles on Skiles and Pavillion during various points during the past couple of weeks. Sr. Cpl. Paul Michel reported that his observations revealed top speeds of no greater than 30MPH during the morning and afternoon commuting hours. If anyone has other times that they would like for me to request Sr. Cpl. Paul Michel to observe, please let me know.

2) Traffic signs for the intersection of San Jacinto and Hall.

Neighbors have reported several near accidents at the intersection of San Jacinto and Hall. We have requested that the City review the possibility of adding a stop sign on San Jacinto, making that a three‐way stop. An engineering study was initiated, and the staff will report their findings and actions by no later than June 30, 2015.

3) Cross walk marking/painting on Bryan at McCoy across from the park and across McCoy at the same location.

Neighbors have asked that we look into ways to increase the safety of the cross walk areas across from the park into the neighborhood. We requested that the City view and propose resolutions for the marking ofs. The City responded that the brick pavers in the street mark the cross walk area, and that they will not paint over the brick. They will, however, paint markings on the edges of the brick pavers on the concrete areas to highlight the cross walk areas. City staff stated that the painting would be completed prior to July 31, 2015.

I will continue to monitor the progress of these projects, and if anyone has ny questions or further concerns we are more than happy to shepherd those requests through the appropriate departments at the City.


Published on May 1, 2015

Update: Bryan Place Street Concerns Addressed by City of Dallas

Bryan Place residents voiced concerned over some street and trafϐic challenges at our General Meeting in May. These challenges have developed as a byproduct of the increased residential and commercial density around the Neighborhood The Dallas City Planners responded to our inquiry on how to manage these challenges by saying they would conduct studies of the speeding problems and parking issues.

They requested that we prioritize the areas we wanted them to study. A group of residents met with the BPNA Board on Monday, June 2 at the monthly Board meeting to express their concerns. The list below was a result
of their input with the associated priority for both parking and speeding concerns.

The list will be provided to the City Planners to use in scheduling their studies of our concerns. When we hear back from them on how
they will proceed, we will update you on their approach and schedule.

Parking Concerns:

  • Skiles (From Live Oak to Bryan)
  • Bryan (From Pavillion to Adair)
  • San Jacinto ( from Pavillion to McCoy)
  • Allen (From Ross)
  • Liberty
  • Pavillion (From Ross to San Jacinto)

Speeding Concerns:

  • Pavillion
  • Skiles
  • Bryan Street

Published on June 3, 2014