Decision at General Meeting, May 19

Many of you know that the Bryan Place’s Happy Shapes project for lighting under the bridge at Central has been delayed for several years. The latest news, though, is that the art will not be placed at its planned location under the bridge.

Now we must decide whether we want the art relocated in Exall Park or whether we want to abandon the project altogether. Kay Kallos, Public Art Program Manager for the City of Dallas, will make a presentation at the General Meeting about our current options. She is also attempting to have the artists send a mock-up of one of the figures, along with a sample of the material to be used. Of course, at this point if we choose to go forward with the art, the figures can be scaled down and the number of figures can be reduced. Please come to the General Meeting to let you voice be heard in this important decision for Bryan Place.

The meet and greet starts at 6:30pm in the Pool House at 3030 Adolph with the meeting starting at 7:00pm.

More important news for our area is that the building at Hall and Ross has three tenants to fill the building. The building owner has worked hard to find tenants that he believes will be good for the area. He and his family plan to keep the building far into the future, and he wants to be a good neighbor. You can go on-line to the website for each of the establishments and explore information about the operations.

  • The largest will be Little Woodrow’s, which is a small-chain sports bar. They have acquired parking down the block to handle their parking needs.
  • The other two are a gourmet butcher shop called Burgundy Pasture Beef, from Ft. Worth, and
  • A craft wine and liquor store called the Bar and Garden, from California. The consultant for Bar and Garden, Rob Baldwin will attend the General Meeting to answer questions.

Take a look at these websites so that you’ll be informed.

Published on May 5, 2016

General Membership Meeting Summary

Council Member Philip Kingston

There will increasingly be a greater dispersal of housing projects throughout the city of Dallas.

In District 14 the biggest need is middle income housing. Council Member Kingston has proposed to trade requested zoning changes by uptown building developers for small number of affordable housing options for 80%.

Area Median Family Income (40K/year income) citizens in those buildings – this is called “inclusionary zoning.” Council Member Kingston encouraged residents to contact him at

Neighborhoods Plus Program—Joe Yanez

Mr. Yez recommended that we identify and mentor the organization of the neighborhoods around Bryan Place Goals of the program are to foster vital neighborhoods throughout Dallas and to do so a way that encompasses education, health, mobility, business and safety.

Some of the priorities of this program are to alleviate poverty in Dallas, reduce housing in poor condition, attract and retain the middle class, and to enhance rental housing options. For more detailed information about this plan visit www.inspire‐

Discussion from the general assembly included concerns that small businesses and retail are not included in the city’s plan.

Mr. Yanez will inquire with the city about the collaboration with and inclusion of small businesses and retail in this plan and he encouraged the membership to contact him with thoughts and questions.

Code Enforcement ‐ Jose Ruiz

Mr. Ruiz encouraged the membership to contact him with any concern, and provided his direct phone number: 214‐ 316‐5555 and email

Since January 1st of this year 437 cases, 2/3 of the work were proactive actions based on code compliance observation.

The major complaints included litter (138 cases), graffiti (33 cases), and uncut grass (100+ cases).

The tree trimming in the neighborhood was requested by the fire department in order to facilitate transportation of fire engines through the neighborhood. The city’s intention was to be thoughtful about giving neighbors notice and coordinating the tree trimming around our bulk trash.

Question from the membership about Mr. Ruiz’s role in managing the trash and pet feces in the park. Mr. Ruiz indicated that this is managed by the Parks Department but to inform him so that he can advocate on our behalf.

Question from the membership about city grass care and weed care. Mr. Ruiz noted that some of the underpasses are managed by TxDOT and not under Code Compliance jurisdiction. He also noted that mowing of city land (2% of land in Dallas) depends on budget and schedule.

Published on November 1, 2015

By‐Laws Revision

It is important that you take a few minutes to read the recommended bylaws revisions on the web. There will be no revisions to amendments at the General Membership meeting. You can find the full text of the revised bylaws here. If you need a printed version for your review, you can request one from Cotton Mendenhall (214‐642‐7676) or Linda Collins (214‐370‐0330).

The significant recommended changes which will be voted on at the October 22 general membership meeting include:

  • Term limits for officers and committee chairs to be one year and terms will be limited to four consecutive years.
  • The general membership may vote to allow members of the board to exceed the four‐year limit.
  • The majority of the board may vote a board member off the board, and the ousted board member may appeal to the general membership. An ousted board member may be reinstated by a simple majority vote of the general membership.
  • Language was changed to clarify the election of permanent committees chairs. Language for the election of officers and the Architecture and Zoning committee chair remained the same. Landscape Chair was added and Recreation Chair was deleted from the bylaws.
  • Any single check over $750 must have two signatures.
  • Any single project that spends $3000 or more must have approval from the general membership.
  • The membership year will be 12 months from the date of payment.

If you see changes to the draft that need to be made prior to the vote, your recommendations must be submit to the board by August 15th for consideration by the board on August 31st.

Published on August 13, 2015

Update Following General Meeting

The Streets Department provided two members of their team to field questions and hear concerns from the neighborhood. The department will provide a list of items that were raised at the meeting in addition to the items that are already in the works with the City. By way of update, the crosswalks should be painted by the contractor selected by the City by the end June or in early July. My understanding is that the intersections that do not have any brick pavers in the street will have fully striped cross walks, and paint lines will highlight the outside boundaries of the brick paver crosswalks that are already present. It is possible that rain has delayed the schedule, but I will continue to work with the representatives from Streets to work through the list of issues raised by our neighbors.

Note: We plan to have a list of those projects in the next month issue of the newsletter even if the city has not provided us with a list.

Published on June 5, 2015

General Meeting Notes

On the evening of October 23rd, the Bryan Place Neighborhood Association had its Fall General Meeting, and approximately 50 neighbors attended. Two presentations were given.

Trinity Watershed Management Department

The first presentation was by the City of Dallas’s Trinity Watershed Management Department on the future of storm water flood relief in our neighborhood and the associated underground construction. Unfortunately, this Mill Creek flood project is not slated to provide Bryan Place with additional flood protection for several years, likely not until 2019.

A New Dallas

The second presentation was by local urban planner Patrick Kennedy on his project “A New Dallas.” He has proposed the demolition and removal of I‐345, which is the short freeway connecting I‐45 and I‐75 on the edge of Bryan Place, in order to allow the associated 64 acres to be redeveloped into urban‐friendly uses.

Published on November 10, 2014

General Meeting News

BPNA had a well-attended and energetic turnout for its general meeting in April — over 50 neighbors attended.  Our thanks to all who attended for their participation.  Here’s a capsule summary of the meeting:

  • Amy Justice, a guest speaker from The Feral Cat Coalition gave a presentation on how to humanely address the stray and feral cats in the neighborhood.
  • Social chair Kim Callahan reported on the popularity of the Dinners on the Town, and enhanced the mood of the meeting  with wine and snacks.
  • Membership chair Judy Jacobs reported low numbers for current membership and encouraged residents to join.
  • Security chair Linda Collins presented a curb-painting proposal for the neighborhood, which received strong approval from the residents.
  • Zoning chair Zach Popkis informed us on new developments in the area, with several members voicing their opinions and concerns.
  • Treasurer – Eric Williamson reported a slight profit this year and provided a balance sheet.
  • Landscaping chair Dan Cohn presented a landscaping proposal for the Pavilion / Bryan corner. Residents shared their thoughs in a spirited discussion of the proposal. In the end there was chanting!

Published on April 24, 2014