Fire Truck Friendly

By . September 1, 2015Tips & Advice

Our beautiful close‐knit neighborhood with its narrow tree‐lined streets and little to no side‐yards can be the Fire Department’s worst nightmare when they need to quickly access our community in an emergency. A Fire Department representative attended the Bryan Place October 2010 general meeting to discuss the obstacles they have in navigating through a neighborhood such as ours and what we can do to help them keep our neighborhood safe (portions of the following were taken from the November 2010 Bryan Place newsletter).

  1. Keep trees trimmed at a decent height close to the street in order to provide enough clearance for the fire truck to maneuver through the neighborhood.
  2. Plants around fire hydrants should be removed so the fire hydrants can be easily seen by the firemen (do not try to hide or disguise the hydrants).
  3. Firemen only have an address to find their destination, so it is very important for the address to be visible and easily readable.
  4. Vehicles should never block a fire hydrant and should park at least 10 feet away on either side of the hydrants. Enough room should be available for the firemen to maneuver around the fire hydrant.
  5. The most formidable obstacle they experience in Bryan Place is parked cars on the street that block their access to ourommunity. Since our streets are extra narrow anyway, it is very important to be aware of other parked cars in relation to where you are parking when you (or your guests) are parking on the street. When possible, park in your garage or driveway to free up space on the street. Also, please do not park at the neck of a corner or cul‐de‐sac.

The firemen made a point of reminding residents that outdoor grills should not be located close to a wooden fence or wood siding. Grills should not be within 10 feet of anything that could burn or left unattended. Please be aware of where your grill is located and how a sudden gust of wind or grease fire could endanger the whole community. Since th original Fox & Jacobs BP homes were built with interior fire sprinklers (see August 2015 newsletter), hopefully, most indoor fires will be extinguished or controlled by the existing sprinklers. Fires starting outdoors can spread very quickly from a wood fence to the eave of your home and then on to your neighbor’s home. The last major fire in our community originated outdoors and quickly spread to three other homes causing a considerable amount of damage.

So please take a minute and walk through your property to see if you can make it safer for you and your community. The house or life you save may be your own.