Leash Free Dog Park Nearby

By . June 19, 2012Pets and Strays

The Meadows Foundation has always been a good neighbor to the people of Bryan Place. But did you know they are big supporters of our pets too?

Though the gated park on Swiss between Liberty and Oak is private property, they allow pet owners to let their dogs run leash free in the southern edge of the lawn.

All they ask is that pet owners keep the leash on their dogs when they are near the paved walking path at the northern side for the safety of walkers who use it. And of course, please pick up after your pets as always.

Since the law requires your pets to be leashed, especially in Exall Park, many Bryan Place neighbors congregate there now and let their pets have fun in a safe environment away from the traffic while also getting a chance to get to know one another.

Do take a stroll over to enjoy this close by amenity. And please remember to always remember to keep your pet leashed while in the neighborhood and Exall park.