Right off the bat, let’s give a warm thanks to Danny Oberst for his hard work over the last two years. He contributed many good ideas to the monthly newsletter and expended a good amount of energy monitoring the crime data and acting as a liaison between the neighborhood and local law enforcement. I also want to personally thank Danny for getting me up to speed with the necessary information to make a smooth transition.

I have lived in Bryan Place for the past 8 years in the Bryan Place Condos. I have made a few changes recently workwise, which will allow more time in getting to know my fellow neighbors and the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to working with the BPNA as the security chair.

We made it through the Holidays of December and, unfortunately, had several crimes in our backyard. We started off the month with a shooting at Little Woodrow’s. Thankfully there were no fatalities. We had: several residential thefts including stolen packages from outside the home; a few vehicular thefts; a few vehicular hit-and-runs and the mailbox banks in the Bryan Place Condos were burglarized and damaged beyond functionality.

Unfortunately, our neighborhood, located in an up-and-coming part of town, will not be able to avoid crime. As the area grows around us and more people move in, we will continue to see crime; but, hopefully, it will not be linear with the population growth. As someone who has been the victim of theft, I have become more vigilant in trying to avoid this from occurring again. Therefore, I will give a few ideas below which might help you all avoid being the victim.


  • Consider a webcam to monitor your front door or street. You might be able to catch someone in the act or identify a thief. This has been mentioned on Nextdoor on some previous posts regarding home theft.
  • Join a virtual neighborhood watch i.e Nextdoor which is a message board connecting neighborhoods. We have one for Bryan Place; and if you haven’t connected, I would encourage you do so. As busy professionals with different work hours this would be a good place to connect with neighbors.
  • Have packages sent to an office which will be able to accept during the day. This could be your place of work or to a service like doorman.com. This is a concierge service which will accept your package and then will deliver to you at a time most convenient to your work schedule. There is a fee but may be worth the peace of mind.
  • You can use Amazon Locker which is a special locker system at select locations across the area. Packages will usually be kept for 3 days.

Vehicular theft/damage

  • Always a good idea to keep all valuables out of sight, in a locked area within the car (trunk) or not inside the car altogether. I have found it to be a good idea to lock the glovebox (if you have a locking mechanism) to avoid someone rummaging through the papers kept there i.e. insurance cards with addresses, names etc.. The folks out there are looking for an easy target, so we need not to help.
  • Window tinting helps make items in the car less visible. This could be a cheaper alternative to having a car window replaced (should it be broken in theft). Not saying this is a guarantee, but it could help.
  • Unfortunately avoiding vehicular damage due to hit-and-run damage is difficult, given we have so many people parking on the street. May be another reason to have video surveillance in the neighborhood.

Hopefully, you found some things helpful here. I look forward to getting more involved and meeting some of you in the neighborhood. Until then be vigilant and observant and neighborly!