How the BPNA dues are spent

President’s Message

Have you every wondered how your dues are spent by Bryan Place Neighborhood Association? With the increasing costs of landscape maintenance, about 75% of our membership dues pay to maintain our common landscaping. The other 25% goes to providing snacks, food and drinks for our public meeting, including the General Meetings and our annual holiday party. If you would like more information about the budget, you can find a monthly summary at the end of the monthly minutes. The minutes can be found posted in the “members only” section of our website.

We make every attempt to make our newsletter self-sustaining. It is paid for by advertising. And we really appreciate the local businesses who pay to advertise in the monthly newsletter. Currently, we need more advertisers. You may have noticed that every other month, you get a newsletter in a shortened format. This is a cost-saving effort. You will also notice that a number of popular and interesting items are missing from this shortened format. Items like the historical tidbits, recipes, recognition for our carriers, news from the recreation center, and miscellaneous small articles are missing from the short form. In addition, the security article and the zoning article are shorter than normal.

If you like the more robust version of the newsletter, you can help by encouraging local business that you patronize to advertise in the Bryan Place Newsletter. Currently, we need about three or four more advertisers to cover our annual costs.

Advertising costs $360/year to appear in our printed newsletter and/or $120/year for an ad appearing on our website. If you are able to encourage a local business to advertise, you can refer them to Gary Collins at (903-857-9180) to finalize the details. Your efforts could really contribute to bringing you a more robust and informative newsletter.

Linda Collins, President