Important Meeting

By . January 7, 2017Announcements

Many of you have been adversely affected by the rowdy and outrageous behavior of some of the patrons at Sunset Lounge and Bungalow Beach. There has been a lot of activity in the background by community leaders (spearheaded by Brad Vance) in conjunction with the Melody Lewis, City Attorney, the DPD, and the Code Enforcement Department.

Please come meet with the City of Dallas to discuss progress to date and future next steps.

Date: Thursday, January 19th (6pm-7:30pm)

Location: Clubhouse @ Bryan Place Pool Association (3030 Adolph Street)

The agenda for the meeting is:

  1. Update of activities (provided by city)
  2. Next steps (provided by the City)
  3. Opportunity for YOU to provide feedback on items 1 & 2 and brainstorm on next steps
  4. Open Forum

This meeting is 90 minutes and will be attended by:

  • City Attorney’s office
  • Code Compliance
  • Dallas Police Department
  • Councilman Philip Kingston (pending schedule alignment)

Many of you have stayed vigilant and reported loud noise and bad behavior and supported our cause to get these bad businesses under control in our neighborhood. Thank you for that effort.

This is the next checkpoint in the marathon to control bad actors. Those who have been actively involved with the City thus far look forward to seeing you there. We still need your help and support! The battle is not over.