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By . August 5, 2016Announcements

Elan Lights Before the City Council

Many of you are familiar with the Elan Light, Phase II, development planned for Live Oak at Central. At last month’s City Council hearing, a group of residents at 3030 Bryan and the condos on Live Oak objected to the planned building height. Originally planned for 160 ft. in height, affected residents objected to the building’s potential to block their roof-top view of downtown.

Since then, Greystar has redesigned the building to accommodate those residents’ concerns. The building is now planned for three different heights of 110 ft., 125 ft., and 180 ft. at the rear of the building. In this way the line-of- sight along Live Oak is reduced to within 10 ft. of current permitted height. The height at the rear portion of land is reduced from the permitted 270 ft. to 180 ft. This allows the developer to maintain the planned apartment density, retain plans for the Tom Thumb with garden cafe, and address height concerns along Live Oak.

There will probably soon be another City Council hearing to move this project forward. The developers have been working off and on for ten years to make this project a reality. They have worked consistently to inform the neighborhood of plans and address our concerns. At this point, we would like to assess the level of support for the newly redesigned Elan Lights, Phases II.

Voting has concluded. Thank you for your participation

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