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City launches campaign to address animal issues

December 1, 2015

Pets and Strays and In the Neighborhood

The City of Dallas has officially launched DallasPETS, a campaign dedicated to educating the public about three main animal issues in the city: illegal dumping, loose dogs and adoption. “This educational effort will address one of the root causes of some of the greatest animal issues we’re facing in our City,” said Sana Syed, Director of the Public Information Office (PIO). “We believe our targeted educational initiative will resonate with City employees and residents and help save the lives ofRead more

Pause (Paws!) to Keep Pets Safe

December 6, 2014

By Linda Collins (Additional tips by Miriam Raftery)

East County Magazine
Pets and Strays and Safety

Every year thousands of pets around the country are given as gifts during the holiday season. If you are thinking about joining the tradition, please “paws” to prepare your home before bringing a furry friend home for the holidays. Puppies and kittens are naturally curious and can turn unexpected household items – not to mention shiny, dangling ornaments – into toys. To keep your new pet and your family safe, follow this safety check list: Keep electrified cords away fromRead more

A Humane Approach to Caring for Community Cats

May 4, 2014

By Gary Collins

Pets and Strays

Basic differences: Stray Cats: Once was socialized with people, now on their own; Will approach humans; Kittens can be tamed if under 12 weeks Feral Cats: Not OK with people, not adoptable; Prolific: populations can grow exponentially, gather in groups; Present community problems: yowling, spraying territories, dead kittens common, feces Ineffective remedies for feral cat populations: Adoption [they can’t be tamed]; Feeding bans [exacerbates community impact problems; leads to sick and angry populations]; Trap and exterminate [too many, vacuum leftRead more

Free Spay & Neuter Events

March 4, 2014

Pets and Strays

The Dallas Companion Animal Project is offering free sterilization and vaccinations.   The service is free, but donations are encouraged. Sunday March 23 Sunday, April 6 Sunday, April 27 Dallas Animal Services 1818 Westmorelan, Dallas 75212 To make an appointment, email or call 972-498-8800. Puppies and kittens must weigh at least 2 pounds. Visit the Spay/Neuter page of the Dallas Companion Animal Project website.

What To Do If You Find A Lost Pet In Bryan Place

November 15, 2012

Pets and Strays
Lost Pet

Recently a neighbor’s dog escaped and we found out that there is a quick way to reunite micro chipped pets with their owners.Read more

Leash Free Dog Park Nearby

June 19, 2012

Pets and Strays

The Meadows Foundation has always been a good neighbor to the people of Bryan Place. But did you know they are big supporters of our pets too? Though the gated park on Swiss between Liberty and Oak is private property, they allow pet owners to let their dogs run leash free in the southern edge of the lawn. All they ask is that pet owners keep the leash on their dogs when they are near the paved walking path atRead more

A Humane way to Handle Pet Overpopulation

August 8, 2003

Pets and Strays
Trap-Neuter-Release and Ferals

It’s estimated that one million homeless dogs and cats will end up in Texas animal shelters this year. Nationwide, more than four million companion animals are euthanized annually; many are puppies and kittens less than six months old.Read more